"What's Up Homegirl?"

Welcome to Earthy

the Geo Chat and Translation App.

(Landing soon at the app store)

Have you ever seen a stranger &

wished you could speak with them?

Can we rediscover each other?

Can we rediscover the Earth?

Your native tongue now speaks every language

Find people and businesses.

Connect directly. Meet Anyone.

Earthy is for Everyone.

Create public or private groups

for every purpose

Social, commercial, whatever

Nimble communication with

omni-language geo-chat means

faster, fresher goods across agile global

supply chains, stronger businesses, and social unification.

Live, travel, work and really connect

Earthy builds White-Label Solutions for all types of organizations

Value Props:

  • Secure communication: know what everyone is saying in real-time, regardless of language.

  • Location transparency: know where your products and workers are

  • Remote Management: manage onsite from offsite

  • Social E-commerce: market goods before traveling to market

Earthy offers white-label versions of our software for various large organizations, corporations, governments, NGOs, etc. Inquire within.

For questions and press inquiries please email: david@meetearthy.com