Meet Earthy,

the geo chat app.

Chat in over 100 languages with local people and businesses.

Earthy is the world's first geochat app, where users build their own public and private chat-grids.

Clickless A.I. translates automatically as you hit Send. With our translation in-chat, communicating in a new language is as easy as texting.

Explore your city as you chat with people and businesses nearby and within your community.

Share grids with friends, family and your business. Keep track of your people and meet new ones too.

Earthy is for Everyone.

大家. Jeder. みなさん. Alle. Каждый.

Tutti. Toutes. Todos.

كلواحد. هر کس. ہر ایک. כל אחד.

Lahat. हर कोई. Herkes. Semua orang. 모두.

iOs + Android


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